Tenute Nicosia


Etna DOC wines that challenge the time
Elegance, complexity and longevity

These wines are produced from a vineyard on the slopes of Monte Gorna, one of the extinguished craters surrounding the small town of Trecastagni. The low yields in the vineyard, the hand-picking and the careful selection of the grapes give life to these very elegant wines. The volcanic terroir gives it the typical mineral character. The long ageing includes a passage of 12 months in barriques, which contributes to enrich the flavour profile of this wine.

Tenute Nicosia

sosta tre santi

It takes a long time to create strong emotions...
A collection of wines made for your special occasions.

This collection of red wines and classic method sparkling wines, produced in a limited series using only the best grapes from our vineyards. Sosta Tre Santi means a stopping place for three saints, is a tribute to Trecastagni, the ancient Etna village where the Nicosia’s winery rises up, and the three saints Alfio, Cirino and Filadelfo who, along their journey towards martyrdom, stopped in the town that devotedly worships them even today.

Tenute Nicosia

fondo filara

Pure "terroir"...
The authentic expression of the Sicilian grape varieties.

This selection of DOC wines and varietal wines represent the highest expression of Cantine Nicosia’s production philosophy: the utmost respect for the raw materials and great Sicilian winemaking history, the development of native grape varieties and the lands most suitable for their cultivation, selectivity and experimentation in both the vineyards and the cellar. The exclusive Fondo Filara limited production wines stand the test of time, astonish and stir the emotions with their elegance, complexity and strong personality.



Etna, our point of view…
What a great character!

Vulkà Etna Rosso is an authentic interpretation of what the volcano represents to the people living in its shadow: powerful nature and regenerative strength.



The southernmost red wine.

Hybla is a modern interpretation of the the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG, Sicilian red wine with ancient and noble origins. This blend of Nero d’Avola and Frappato grapes has a typical cherry-red colour and a rich aroma of red fruit and floral notes.



Passionate and fiery,
as the land in which it is born
and the sun that inflames it

Passicato is a blend of red overripe grapes, grown in south-eastern Sicily and harvested only after that the intense heat of this fertile and sunny terroir has made them highly concentrated in aromas and color.


Bio Vegan

Sicilian by nature...
autochthonous, biologic and vegan.

Dedicated to all the wine lovers with an healthy and natural lifestyle, with a great care about environment and biodiversity, these wines derive from a great research effort in the vineyard and in winery. Produced using exclusively vegetal substances, these wines have a very low level of sulfites and are certified as Biological Wines and obtained the BIO VEGAN certification by ICEA



Sicilian blend: vivid colours,
intense fragrances
and smooth taste.
Typical and easy to drink.

A perfect blend of the finest Sicilian white grapes and one of the noblest international varieties cultivated on our island, which results full of character and easy to drink. A red and a white wines with a rich aroma and a smooth and lingering taste.



Sicilian wine: a great tradition to be enjoyed day by day.

The Sicilian winemaking tradition with its denominations of origin and amazing variety of native grapes. The values of a family and a company, whose history has been intertwined for more than a century with Sicilian wine, and a territory of extraordinary beauty. The development of the raw materials and the ongoing quest for the proper balance between quality and price: these are the secrets behind the success of the Nicosia line, traditional wines that have become leaders in modern distribution channels.


i classici

The daily discover of an old pleasure: the Sicilian wine

The true love for Sicily and its ancient wine-makng tradition; the values of a family whose history has, for more than a century, been intertwined with that of Sicilian wine; the valorization of the most valuable native and international varieties cultivated in the island and the constant search for ever higher quality standards, in vineyards and in the cellar. These are the reasons that explain the success of Classici Nicosia, a wide range of wines with a designation of origin and monovarietals of excellent value for money, capable of representing the great variety and richness of modern Sicilian enology.

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