Sicilian wine: a great tradition to be enjoyed day by day.


Etna and Vittoria: our point of view.

Fondo Filara

Pure 'terroir'... The authentic expression of the Sicilian grape varieties.

Sosta Tre Santi

It takes a long time to create strong emotions... A collection of wines made for your special occasions.

From Sicily, Cantine Nicosia

There is no better metaphor than the Etna volcano to describe Cantine Nicosia: an ancient and solid Sicilian wine company with a long history and ongoing commitment to renewal, with a love for rural traditions united with a relentless search for new horizons embedded into its DNA. The company’s wines are a tribute to the heart of Sicily. They embody the light and warmth of its Mediterranean climate, the strength and generosity of its people, and the untamed and exuberant character of that volcano that has both a destructive and regenerative power at the same time. This is the Sicily that the Nicosia family brings to the world, offering a large selection of Sicilian wines made from native grapes as well as from international varieties that find the ideal terroir on this island, with expressions of rare excellence and absolute innovation.

Etna Vineyards

Mount Gorna

Trecastagni, at the foot of one of the extinguished craters dotting Mount Etna and at an altitude of nearly 2,300 feet, is home to the ancient vineyards of Monte Gorna, with their distinctive lava terraces. The vineyards have been completely restructured and replanted, focusing on the native varieties used for Etna DOC wines: Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio for the red, and Catarratto and Carricante for the white. The quality of the soil of these vineyards is closely tied to Etna’s volcanic origins, as it was formed through the disintegration of lavas with different compositions and from different eras, and eruptive material such as lapilli, ash and sand.

Vittoria Vineyards (southeast Sicily)

Contrada Bonicontro

Just a few miles from the southernmost tip of the Italian peninsula, in a corner of Sicily that smells like Africa, is the lively agricultural center of Vittoria, home to Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico, an excellent red that has attained DOCG status. The town boasts ancient and noble origins, as it goes back to 1606, the year it was founded by the Spanish countess Victoria Colonna Henriquez, who did so much to develop local viticulture.


Vinitaly International Wine & Spirits Exhibition / April 10-13, 2016

Vinitaly 50th Edition International Wine & Spirits Exhibition, Verona, April 10-13, 2016

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